Welcome to the world of Swati's Fine Arts. If you feel aesthetic pleasure after proper apprehension of fine arts, you are at the right destination. The artworks exhibited in the art section of this website encompass the drawings and paintings of one of the best painters in Kolkata, India, 'Swati Ghosh'.The artworks show the cognizance of her grasp of fine arts. The wholeness, harmony, and radiance in her beautiful artworks appear to be realistic and lively.

Swati Ghosh

Swati Ghosh

Swati Ghosh is an award-winning Indian artist from Kolkata, specializing in the field of fine arts, working and living both in India and Norway. Having the opportunity to travel around the world and witness various cultures and art forms, Swati believes in art, free of boundaries with unity in diversity.

Swati’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in various countries worldwide including India, Norway, South Korea, Italy, Switzerland, Vatican Chancellery Palace,France, New York,Turkey & Maldives. Her responsible and achievement-driven approach has helped her achieve prestigious awards in painting competitions held worldwide.  

Swati is a famous artist in Kolkata who strives to cultivate an aesthetic beauty through her artworks that please you. Her keen interest in the field of fine arts can be witnessed through her detailed artworks which are real reflections of nature, modern & rural people, and their socio-economic backgrounds. Her conventional portraits convey human spirits, classical realism, social and economic context of human beings. Her artworks reflect “sensible” and “intelligible” aspects of humans and nature and more precisely her paintings establish nature-to-human relations too. Swati’s seascape and landscape paintings awaken a widely different sentiment through the very splendor and contrast of their colors, textures, and styles.

Overall, Swati's passion for fine arts and her exceptional skill in painting has established her as one of the best painter in Kolkata, India. Her artworks are not only aesthetically pleasing but also thought-provoking, making her a well-respected artist in the art world.