About Swati Ghosh
About Swati Ghosh

Swati Ghosh is an award winning Indian artist from Kolkata, specializing in the field of fine arts, working and living both in India and Norway. Having the opportunity to travel around the world and witnessing various cultures and artforms, Swati believes in the art, free of boundaries with unity in diversity.
Swati’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in various countries worldwide including India, Norway, South Korea, Italy, Switzerland, Vatican Chancellery Palace, New York & Maldives. Her responsible and achievement-driven approach has helped her achieve prestigious awards in painting competitions held worldwide.  

Swati strives to cultivate an aesthetic  beauty through her artworks that pleases you. Her keen interest in the field of fine arts can be witnessed through her detailed artworks which are real reflections of nature, modern & rural people and their socio-economic backgrounds. Her conventional portraits convey human spirits, classical realism, social and economic context of human beings. Her artworks reflect “sensible” and “intelligible” aspects of human and nature and more  precisely her paintings establish nature to human relation too. Swati’s  seascape and landscape painting awaken a widely different sentiment by the very splendour and contrast of their colours, textures and style.

Although Swati  believes in learning from the old masters of arts and follows the classical style of realism, she has many contemporary artworks that depict modern human life and their cultures from different backgrounds. She is well known across the globe for her "Indian -Western style" of painting. Her representational art has helped her stand out of many contemporary fine artists and earned her the honour of being appointment as a judge in International Art festival in South Korea by ICAF for the year 2021 and 2022. There she also received the recognition of being appointed as a cultural ambassador by International Council Of Museums  (ICOM-ASPAC).
Born in 1983,Swati was raised in Kanpur, India, where she spent initial 21 years of her life. Her first inspiration in the field of arts were her parents. Her father’s dedication and efforts towards pursuance of perfection in artform (sculpture), even with a busy schedule of work and Homeopathy, helped to build Swati’s interest in this field. Swati was a very keen learner and took art lessons since her childhood days. She made her first oil painting at the age of 13 and later finessed her skills under renowned master artists in her home country and  around the Globe.

Although graduated with a degree in Pure Science, she chose to nurture her strong passion for arts,  which drove her to pursue a diploma in Fine Arts from London, a course of classical realism from Singapore and a drawing workshop in Spain in 2018 and in the course of time she turned into an avant-garde artist. Her achievements were covered by media and published in various prestigious newspapers and magazines in India and abroad.