Swati’s artworks  are real reflections of nature, modern & rural people and their socio-economic backgrounds. She believes in creating artworks without being constricted within any particular boundary or stereotype thinking.  Swati likes to capture the beauty in nature and human lives which reflects the nature to human relationship and diffrent cultural backgrounds.

The experiences and life forms witnessed during her travel to different parts of the world and those touching her heart, she tries to capture them using various mediums on canvas and paper. Swati is highly moved by the the finnesse and excellence of the old masters and reflections of the same can be witnessed in her artworks too.

A Brief about Swati and Her Artworks

Swati Ghosh is an Indian artist who shows augmented creativity in every artwork she makes. She has been passionate about art since childhood. She is elated that her passion has turned into her vocation and she gets to live as a renowned artist. She is immensely proud to be known for concocting fantastic fine arts, paintings, and sketches.

Swati was born and raised in India. She moved to Norway temporarily. She is a strong fan of traditional arts, and her paintings illustrate stunning classical realism. Her art pieces are displayed in various exhibitions, museums, galleries, and art magazines. She has participated in various art competitions, and her artwork has stood out from the crowd for being naturalistic, beautiful, and expressive. Her charcoal drawing "The Saint" was awarded at the "Art Competition in Incheon South Korea in December 2020. She was delighted when her artwork was rewarded on this global platform.
Swati has worked for various national and international clients and is happy that each one of them loves the realist creativity she brings in. This is what one of her fans said about her, "You apply such fantastic brush strokes to each of your paintings that every pixel of the art comes to life." An artist can ask for no more. With each painting, she learns something new that helps her become a finer artist.

Her passion and love for art has taken her to places like South Korea, Europe, Italy, Switzerland, Vatican City, and New York for exhibiting her artworks. She has attended various workshops in these places to give maximum exposure to her art. She has been appointed as jury members several times in museums.
She is particularly driven by the artistic beauty of nature and loves to adorn her canvas with them. Her famous art pieces include oil painting, seascape painting, representational art, visual art, and many more. She loves to sketch scenic beauty, human interactions, and glimpses of the lives of modern and rural people.
Traditional art pieces are a major attraction for her, and she has learned a great deal from the paintings of veteran artists. While growing up, she closely observed each of their creations and adored how their painting looked so real and natural. She has also had the privilege of taking art lessons from master artists that have elevated her composition immensely.
With constant learning and unlearning, she has successfully become a fine artist known for lifelike paintings.
Swati looks forward to satisfying more clients with her artistic charm.