Explore the Drawing Collection of an Award-Winning Artist of Kolkata - Swati Ghosh

Art may take various forms, and they are all the result of human self-expression, creative talents, and specialized knowledge. Drawing as an art form is valued for its visual beauty, emotional power, and the creator's ability. To explore all of these features in a drawing, please browse the art gallery, where you will discover some extremely realistic drawings produced by Swati Ghosh, the best pencil sketch artist in Kolkata. Each element of the drawing has flawless textures, light, shadows, human figures, and natural perspectives.
During her travels to several locations around the world, she observed different traditions, civilizations, and living experiences, which she exhibits on paper to serve as a reflection of the same reality to everyone. Her work has been shown in several exhibitions, museums, galleries, and art publications. As well as she has participated in various painting competitions, and her work has been acknowledged for being authentic, graceful, and expressive, allowing her to establish herself as the best drawing artist in Kolkata. She is passionate about traditional art, which she learned from a senior artist.
If you have the desire to obtain a distinctive and realistic drawing, please contact her right away.

Few  sketches and drawings
SWATI GHOSH_''The Saint'' _Pencil & Charcoal on paper_Size 10''X 14''2020 MAGAZINE
DISGUISE , Size 21× 27 inches + Frame( included), Price: € 2700/-
Portrait , year 2018
Drawing Year 2017
Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a child