'Swati Ghosh' at Times Square, New York
At Times Square
With Mr Shriram Dandekar, Vice Chairman & Executive Director of 'Kokuyo Camlin Limited'.
With my painting named 'VINTAGE LANTERNS' at Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India
with my painting 'PATHFINDER' at 'Nehru Centre' Mumbai, INDIA
During my exhibition at Nehru Centre, Mumbai
With family at 'Nehru Centre Art Gallery' Mumbai, India
At 'Nehru Centre' Mumbai, India
Vyom by FWAG at 'Nehru Centre' with Mariami & Irshad
At Gallery, Italy
artworks on display In Milan, Italy
Italian Art Gallery
At Gallery in Milan
My artworks on display in Milan, Italy
At Ippodrome San Siro Milan, Italy
With CEO of Milan Garry and The Consul General of India
At Snai San Siro Ippodrome, Milan,Italy
At  Snai San Siro Ippodrome
Infront of the Church Gallery, Rome, Italy
Infront of the Church where artwork was exhibited in Rome, Italy
S. Maria Dei Miracoli, Rome  Italy
During exhibition  with  Curator, Rome Italy
ROME, Italy  Gallery of Renaissance  Church S.Miracoli
Exhibition at Gallery of renaissance Church ,ROME
Zurich, Art exhibition
At Swiss Art Expo
Swiss Expo
Swiss Art Expo, Switzerland
With artist at Swiss Art Expo
With artists at Swiss Art Expo, Zurich
Swiss Art Expo, Zurich station
Zurich exhibition
With Yara at Swiss Art Expo
With artists at Swiss Art Expo
Swiss Art Expo 2
Zurich, at Swiss Art Expo
Swiss Art Expo, Zurich Switzerland
Swiss Art Expo 1
With full team of Swiss Art Expo
Swiss Art Expo
Swiss Art Expo  my painting 'Arendal Cityscape'