With my Mentor E.Dascanio and artist friends during Spain workshop
Exhibition at  Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli, ROMA, ITALY
With Italian Curator during my exhibition in S.Maria Church in ROME
at Venice Exhibition with  Italian Art Critic  Mr Grasso
At Florence airport
Venice Exhibition,ITALY
In Spain with Paloma
With artist friends in Spain
With John Singer Sargent's artwork in Prado, SPAIN
With Rembrandt's Self portrait in Spain
respect with flowers at exhibition in Korea
Korean Exhibition
 At Korean Museum Exhibition
Artwork at Korean Museum Exhibition
Artwork at Korean Exhibition
at exhibition in Korea
My husband at my exhibition in Korea
New York Exhibition 2
New York Exhibition
With my Mentor 'Clayton' in Singapore at his art school
at workshop with artists in Singapore
Korean Exhibition 2
At exhibition in Venice,Italy
Dinner with Artists after full day art workshop ,SPAIN
with my Mentor 'Frank' at The Florence Studio,Italy
DAVID at Florence,ITALY
with 'The Birth of Venus' in Uffizi Gallery,Florence Italy
With  Italian Curator
 With Alice (An  artist friend  & Sister whom I met in Singapore Art class & now a family)
David at Academia Gallery, Florence Italy
con mia madre italiana a firenze(with my Italian mother in Florence)
At Florence,Italy
with Leonardo Da Vinci's artwork in Uffizi Gallery,Florence,Italy
Korea museum Judges 2021
ITALY Exhibitions 2021
At museum, South Korea 2019
Artwork at Museum in South Korea 2019
With Monica,an Italian Artist & Journalist at Venice,ITALY
With Mr Grasso at Venice,Italy
at Venice with co-artists,ITALY 2022
with Heidi & Marit at Venice, Italy
At Venice, Italy
with co-artists Amalia & Alexandra in Venice, Italy 2022
Deborah & me at Exhibition in Venice,ITALY
Dinner with co-artists in Venice,Italy
with co-artists in Venice Exhibition,Italy 2022
Judges in South Korea 2021
At Nation Museum Poland
At Poland's National Museum
National Museum in Warsaw ,Poland 2021
Korean art competition
'Sandro Botticelli' at National Museum in Warsaw,Poland
Korea museum Judges 2021
THE SAINT in Korean Exhibition
With my doctor & artist frd TRICIA whom I met in art class  in Singapore